IT Contractors – what happens with your day rate?

Availability of advice for IT contractors has never been more plentiful. There are numerous blogs and forums offering support on varying subjects such as managing your taxes, insurance, IR35, pension planning, mortgages etc. However, few if any seem to offer any guidance on what is probably the most fundamental question for the majority of IT [...]

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IT Contractors – why joining RoleConnect is not open to just anyone

Lets face it, we could have easily decided to let anyone with a CV and access to a browser sign up – we could have had an IT contractor membership of tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands faster than the appointment of the next Chelsea manager. But …. Would such an approach allow [...]

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IT Professionals – How often are you contacted by recruitment agents?

We’ve been wondering how often IT Pro’s are contacted by recruitment agencies and how they contact you by email, phone calls and LinkedIn. Are Recruiters contacting you on a regular basis? How long does it take? If you’re an IT Professional working in the UK or Ireland we’d be delighted if you’d take a minute [...]

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Our Top Tips for IT Contractors

Whether you’re a new or seasoned IT contractor, here are RoleConnect’s Top Tips. 1. Go Direct– It makes sense. You control your career and choose where you want to work and for what employers. It’s obviously very attractive if you can double your income without actually working a second more. (See earnings increase opposite.) But there’s [...]

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Java most in demand for IT contract jobs

Introducing the RoleConnect Index – May 2012 Welcome to the inaugural RoleConnect Index, the most up-to-date data on the skills most in demand for IT Contractors based on enquiries to . I’ll be publishing this Index regularly from now on, to keep you updated on the skills you need to succeed in IT. Most [...]

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Survey Results – IT contractors hired via RoleConnect beta

We recently conducted a survey of the hundreds of IT contractors that have been hired directly via the RoleConnect private beta.  The results were music to our ears. 37% was the average increase in earnings 43.5% got better contracts 24% were relieved at not having to deal with recruitment agents What our contractors said ‘It took [...]

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IT Employment – What is the real story with all those unfilled IT jobs?

While there may not be any such thing as a truly “recession-proof” job, it would seem from various media reports that there are numerous unfilled IT jobs going in these harsh economic times. Jobs in IT, in particular, are going aplenty in the US, Ireland and the UK which could be filled except for one [...]

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IT Contracting vs Permanent Employment. What are the benefits?

Freedom, self-reliance, intense learning, expanded network and wider experience. These are just some of the benefits IT contractors cited for going freelance over permanent IT jobs. I chatted to a number of IT contractors based in Ireland and the UK on their reasons for contracting and well it’s obvious to me that IT contractors are [...]

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How NOT to recruit an independent IT Contractor (Exhibit B)

It wasn’t really our intention to turn my last post ( How NOT to recruit an independent IT Contractor ) into a mini-series. However, what can you do, the spam just keeps appearing in my inbox and it seems only fair to share it with everyone. The email below, which arrived about a week ago, [...]

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How NOT to recruit an independent IT Contractor

Since starting RoleConnect, where we help companies connect directly with contractors, we’ve heard a lot of horror stories about dealing with recruiting agencies and job boards. I’ve personally sat at both ends of those recruiter phone calls. I worked as a contract software developer for many years. More recently, I was the development manager for [...]

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