Java most in demand for IT contract jobs

Introducing the RoleConnect Index – May 2012

Welcome to the inaugural RoleConnect Index, the most up-to-date data on the skills most in demand for IT Contractors based on enquiries to . I’ll be publishing this Index regularly from now on, to keep you updated on the skills you need to succeed in IT.

Most wanted IT Contract Skills
  1. Java developers have reason to be happy, as Java is currently the most in demand IT skill for contractors at present. I personally don’t see Java falling outside the top 2 by the next index, judging by the number of enquiries we’ve received to date for contractors with Java, J2EE and Spring experience.
  2. Good news for .Net and C# developers, as we’ve seen a surge of enquiries in these areas over the past two months.
  3. Those with Tech Support skills and experience will be happy to see their skills wanted.
  4. PHP and Symphony are in also very popular at present.
  5. Network Engineers. Those with CCNA certification will be happy to see their skills high in demand.
We’ve also seen strong demand for Ruby, Python, Django, Delphi and SAP skills.


Java 18.49 12.50
.Net,  C# 16.43 21.87
Other 9.58 10.93
Support 8.21 1.56
PHP, Symphony 7.53 10.93
Web Related 6.16 4.68
Network Engineer 5.47 3.12
JQuery 3.42 0
Ruby 2.73 4.68
SAP 2.73 3.12


RoleConnect Story so far
Until recently, RoleConnect was operating as a private beta. Almost 8, 500 IT contractors (predominately Ireland & UK based) registered to deal directly with employers in less than 2 weeks. Only 32 employers had access to this talent pool. Over 12 months 300 IT contractors were hired directly. The private beta is now closed.
We’ll be shortly approving applications recently received and making contractor profiles public on, in tandem with moving the 8000+ original applicants to the public beta.


Quarterly RoleConnect Index
If you want to recieve the quarterly RoleConnect Index directly, please email me your details – . We don’t advertise jobs, so please don’t send me job specs. Thanks!

IT Contractors and Employers interested in joining RoleConnect can request an invite below

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About Catherine Wall

Community Manager

3 Responses to “Java most in demand for IT contract jobs”

  1. Darren May 29, 2012 at 9:45 am #

    Interesting read. Are you seeing any increase in the number of JavaScript roles, due to the popularity of technologies such as Node.js?

  2. Tomas McGuinness May 29, 2012 at 1:11 pm #

    Is there any way to see what uses of Java are popular? I”d be interested to see if the popularity of Java is related in anyway to the popularity of Android.

    As a C# developer I”m pleased to see that .Net is in strong demand, but again I”d like to see what areas have the most demand e.g. is it WPF or ASP.Net. Would it be possible to enrich the index with this soft of information?

  3. Catherine Wall May 29, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

    Thanks guys for your comments.
    Yes the plan in the future is to publish more detailed indices, where we can breakdown the skill into different areas, which would be beneficial.