IT Contractors – why joining RoleConnect is not open to just anyone

Lets face it, we could have easily decided to let anyone with a CV and access to a browser sign up – we could have had an IT contractor membership of tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands faster than the appointment of the next Chelsea manager. But ….

Would such an approach allow the best and the brightest IT contractors an opportunity to shine? Would such an open signup process appeal to the type of IT contractor employers are looking to hire? Could we reasonably expect employers to trawl through a myriad of profiles to unearth the top IT contractors they want to hire? How confident could we be that we could ensure recruitment agencies would not attempt to sign up and dilute everything RoleConnect has to offer?

RoleConnect has many ways for the best IT Contractors to bubble to the top

Our mission is to grow a quality community of skilled and experienced IT contractors. We screen everyone that requests an invite, RoleConnect membership is not a free-for-all. It’s not a numbers game, we won’t be signing up everyone and anyone for the sake of boosting our numbers for PR purposes.  It’s our intention to radically improve the contracting ecosystem for IT contractors and employers alike. Therefore, we want to start by growing and nurturing a community of skilled and experienced IT professionals.

Once you are approved and have created a profile, you can recommend membership to colleagues you have worked with previously – we take your recommendation seriously, anyone you recommend is fast tracked for approval. The quality of your recommendation is pretty important, if you recommend good people you are rewarded with search ranking points – your profile will appear higher in search results simply thanks to your friends. Recommending a smaller group of quality people is often better for you than recommending everyone you know !

Our approval process is simple. Here’s how it works right now:

  • IT Contractors who wish to become a member can request an invite
  • We ask that you include your public Linkedin address when applying, which we then check out.
  • We take a look at your past employers, past colleagues and see if you’ve previously worked with any of our existing members.
  • If we’re happy you’re a fit, we’ll send you a invite to create your profile, which must be activated within 28 days.  We currently have a long waiting list of invitees from 24 countries which we’re getting through, so if you haven’t received yours yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean you haven’t been approved! There’s some additional information of our contractors page
  • We are fine tuning our screening processes continually which will ultimately result in quicker approval decisions.

Screening also helps us weed out the various recruitment agencies who’ve been requesting invites.  You wouldn’t believe some of the stunts they’ve tried, but that’s for another post!

If you’ve any questions about joining, please leave them here. Thanks!

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One Response to “IT Contractors – why joining RoleConnect is not open to just anyone”

  1. Ivan @ Jobs Board December 18, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

    I am not a recruiter…
    I am not a recruiter…
    I am not a recruiter…

    If you look at my LinkedIn profile you will see what people recommend – just the technical skills and SEO:

    I am a techie! Let me in! :)